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Christmas decorations are the biggest application scene of our wool decorations. Most of our products are sold to various Christian countries every year, and finally appear on the door of every family, on the Christmas tree, on the decorative cabinet of the living room, in the children’s room, on the wall of the living room. People also come to love wool felt products more and more, perhaps this is also a kind of pursuit for warmth and love.
We’re bringing together the most traditional elements of Christmas. Santa Claus, snowman, reindeer, and the Christmas tree in the background. You can see the most classic scarlet, green, white and brown in them. However, they look a little different. The difference are our designer’s little mind:
Snowman with knitting wool hat and gift smiling face.
Reindeer happily close their eyes, decorated with red fruit antlers.
The gold ornaments on Santa Claus’s clothes are the same as the gold decorative lines on the Christmas tree, which makes the whole picture look very harmonious.
In every detail to do some small creativity, so that everything beautiful so different. This is what handiwork has been trying to do for you!

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