Wool felted the Choir mice ornament

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Christmas decorations are the biggest application scene of our wool decorations. Most of our products are sold to various Christian countries every year, and finally appear on the door of every family, on the Christmas tree, on the decorative cabinet of the living room, in the children’s room, on the wall of the living room. People also come to love wool felt products more and more, perhaps this is also a kind of pursuit for warmth and love.
On Christmas Eve, people have all kinds of activities to celebrate. One of the most interesting activities is “good news”. It symbolizes an angel reporting the birth of Christ to shepherds in the suburbs of Bethlehem. When the night came, the church choir went door to door and sang Christmas carols in unison. So the family will come out of the door to have a warm social intercourse with them and join in singing. After singing, the host invited everyone into the room to serve tea. After a bit of banter, the choir went back to other people’s homes. At this time, the master’s family often went with him. The ranks of “good news” are getting bigger and bigger. They sing all the time, and the atmosphere of joy keeps increasing, often until dawn.
Now this group you see is our lovely felt mouse choir.

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