Felt animals with xmas gift decor

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Christmas decorations are the biggest application scene of our wool decorations. Most of our products are sold to various Christian countries every year, and finally appear on the door of every family, on the Christmas tree, on the decorative cabinet of the living room, in the children’s room, on the wall of the living room. People also come to love wool felt products more and more, perhaps this is also a kind of pursuit for warmth and love.
It was said Santa will have a Xmas party , a lot of persons were invited, and every guest was request to bring something in red. So, Mrs Bear wearing a red jumper and red hat.She takes and mini Hollywood as an gift for host. Mr Giraffe takes specials gifts in two nice box, he prefers to wearing a dark red sweater and and dark green wool scarf. Little brown bear is a little unhappy, because the red hat is not his own.He likes blue color, he want to wear a blue hat, while, Mum said, it must in red. He has no other choice, because he wish to visit Santa very much, his friend tell him that Santa will prepare a gift he wanted.Mr. Zebra is very happy, because he is satisfied with his wreath making, he did this by himself, he wish to hold it on Santa ‘s new house.

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